Additive manufacturing

The term additive manufacturing indicates the process of building material objects from computerized 3D models, through a series of techniques that provide the union of multiple materials one layer on top of the other.


A service that allows you to analyze metrics and statistics on search engines, sites, paid campaigns to carry out targeted marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The branch of informatic that allows programming that studies theories, techniques and methodologies of the design of systems. The purpose is to improve performance closely related to human intelligence.

Augmented Reality

It means the enhancement of human sensory perception through a series of tools that allow to get things that would not normally be perceivable with the five senses.

Big Data

A large set of heterogeneous data that requires the use of specific analytical methods. This is useful for discovering connections between different phenomena and predicting future connections.

Cloud Computing

It is the space to save data that is always accessible, from any device and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Competencer Center

The Competence Centers deal with orientation and higher training for companies and support in the implementation of innovation, industrial research and experimental development projects.


Compliance with a new rule or new rule in companies.


Text files that websites store on the user’s computer while browsing in order to store and retrieve long-term information.


Technique used to ensure that a message can only be read by the recipient (and not by any third person who intercepts it).

Cyber Security

ll the means and technologies aimed at protecting the IT systems and the data that are contained in terms of availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Digital Maturity

It is based on the internal skills of employees of companies in the ICT field.

Digital Transformation

It is the process of change that aims to integrate digital technologies in all aspects of the business, helping companies to insert themselves into new digitalization systems.


The set of applications that allow you to make transactions for the marketing of goods and services throught Internet. It’s also possible to collect and analyze data to improve the management of the commercial activity.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

It is Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 entered into force on 25 May 2018. It concerns the ways in which the personal data’s processing of the natural persons concerned must take place.

Internet of Things

Nowadays, everything is connected to the Internet: things that affect everyday life, such as computers, servers,cars, televisions, household appliances, etc.

Landing Page

It’s the web page created to convert the visitor into the customer who reaches the page after clicking on a specific link or advertisement.


The online marketplace where products from different vendors are grouped. It is often compared to a shopping center where everyone can choose which products to buy and from which vendor. For a correct digital presence on marketplaces (such as Amazon) it is advantageous to implement strategies to obtain visibility for your products.

National Industry 4.0 Plan

The plan envisaged by the Ministry of Economic Development to promote the digital transformation of companies and support the development of the 4th industrial revolution.
The Plan provides to act on several factors, intervening on technological promotion, investing in supporting companies to meet their needs. Then the plan wants to favore the concrete construction of highly specialized competence centers and spaces for the dissemination of culture digital, such as the Digital Innovation Hub.

Rapid prototyping

It’s the set of industrial techniques that allow you to quickly transform a mathematical model into a real three-dimensional object, creating a series prototype.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Optimization for search engines  is the set of business strategies to increase the visibility of a website, increasing its positioning in the search engine rankings.


It consists of a model of reality which allows to analyze the course of events or processes subsequent to certain conditions that have been imposed.

Systems Integration

The engineering technique that consists in making different systems communicate with each other in order to create a new functional structure. This preserves the potential of the original systems by inserting new ones.

Virtual Reality

It’s the term used to indicate a simulated reality. It simulates an actual reality, allowing each user to project themselves into alternative worlds, actively interacting with them.

Web marketing

It is the set of tools and technologies that allows you to understand users’ behaviors and interactions with the digital world.