Announcement: Funding Artes 4.0

Funding of Industrial Research and Experimental Development Projects involving the use of 4.0 technologies in response to the pandemic from Covid-19.

Discounts up to € 100,000. Call deadline on April 19th.


The emergency caused by Covid-19 is causing serious repercussions on our country which now more than ever needs new tools to intervene in this pandemic. For this reason, an Extraordinary Emergency Call for COVID-19 was activated by the Competence Center Artes 4.0, one of the eight Competence Center in Italy, which also includes the DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) of Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza among the founders.

Coordinated by the Sant’Anna High School of Pisa, the Competence Center intends to find extraordinary resources to support businesses with effective innovative solutions.

The fundings are planned for industrial research and experimental development projects that exploit 4.0 technologies to face the pandemic from COVID-19.

The Call, aimed at companies and start-ups, will remain open until April 19 and provides facilities for beneficiary companies up to a maximum amount of € 100,000 for each project, with the possibility of receiving additional funding and technical support from Bodies and Companies.

The issues included in the Call concern robotics, augmented reality, 4.0 solutions for health, digitization to increase productivity and security technologies, cyber and otherwise.


The Italian Institute of Technology also contributes to the ARTES 4.0 Extraordinary Call in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

IIT, Founding Partner of the Competence Center, has formalized his support for the Call by making available to winning companies a total of € 50,000 “in-kind” through technical and application support for the projects.

This contribution is added to the total financial envelope of the Call for non-refundable € 550,000 (up to a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs / expenses incurred and up to the maximum amount of € 100,000 for each project) and an “in-kind” ceiling “additional € 100,000 of STMicroelectronics, partner of ARTES 4.0, which provides application support, access to innovative technologies and rapid prototyping.


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